SwissBorg - Earn CHSB/BTC

SwissBorg is a Bitcoin prediction app (Android/iOS) which you can play for free. Along the way you earn points, based on whether you think Bitcoin will go up or down in price each day.

You can also earn CHSB coins for completing various tasks like making a riskier prediction with your points. Extra points can be earned each day by opening the app.

CHSB can be traded here:


- Earn Bitcoin: Up to $500,000 worth of BTC shared among 20,000 of the most active users (payable once the SwissBorg Wealth App is released)
- Earn SwissBorg tokens by playing and unlocking badges. Up to 1750 CHSB tokens per player.

Download the app here: SwissBorg to get an extra 3,000 points to play with enter the code IV6NZ6Q in the app under referral code.